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environmental investigation drilling

Our customised drill rigs and support equipment together with our trained and experienced operators ensure high performance drilling and productivity. Speight Drilling have the capabilities to complete drilling projects of all complexities and scales.

environmentally safer

Speight Drilling are committed to ensuring all of our operations are completed in an environmentally responsible and respectful manner. We are a strong and trusted provider of environmental drilling for almost any location or condition from more difficult to access and steep hills to overwater projects. Our rigs are purpose built to help minimise environmental impact.

The goals of environmental drilling are to investigate, monitor, and sometimes remediate a specific job site. Speight drilling can achieve this through many different types of drilling applications such as Auger, Mud Rotary, Air Rotary, and Sonic Drilling.

specialising in landfill gas well construction

We specialise in constructing gas wells for landfills all over the South Island. Our latest project for the Victoria Flats Landfill involved retrofitting a large scale Gas Collection and Destruction System. Numerous wells with large diameters were drilled into waste ground areas containing unpredictable and hazardous fill such as asbestos, sewerage, warped steel etc

A comprehensive Health & Safety plan was put in place prior to drill start  and covered all potentially foreseeable hazards with strategies to reduce risks effectively. A purpose built continuous auger rig was engineered to carry out the project successfully (below right picture). Clients were kept informed throughout the drilling process and pleased with the resulting landfill remediation.

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