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Excavator Piling Drill

All rigs and equipment are manufactured to the highest standards of safety and production, as well as encompassing innovative design to help minimise environmental impact. We select equipment based on its ability to produce the best service, production and sample possible to achieve the right targets for our clients.

The Excavator Piling Drill boasts a 10.5m traverse stroke with maximum pull back of 180kN and a rotation torque of 47,515Nm.

A quiet operating design allows the rig to work in populated areas with minimal noise pollution.

The rig also features a remote portable operation (can be in multiple positions around the worksite), allowing for a safe working distance from the rotation area and clear visibility at all times.

 Rig Capabilities;

  • Rock Boring Piles
  • Screw Piling
  • Bored Piles
  • Retaining Piles
  • CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) Piles
  • Gas Relief Wells (landfills)
rubbish dump