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soilmec sm400 drill

All rigs and equipment are manufactured to the highest standards of safety and production, as well as encompassing innovative design to help minimise environmental impact. We select equipment based on its ability to produce the best service, production and sample possible to achieve the right targets for our clients.

The SM400 Soilmec is a medium sized drill rig that combines high performance and efficiency with compact dimensions. It is a multipurpose drilling rig suitable for the following applications;

  • micropile
  • anchoring
  • jet grouting
  • coring
  • drain hole
  • water well

The rig is equipped with a 4 speed drill head with a max rpm of 456 and max torque of 1363daN.m.

Fitted with a large break out clamp which is capable of holding and breaking 16 inch pipe.

The rig has a remote control operating system to allow the operator to work from a safe environment.

Flexible drill mast maneuverability means drilling can be completed at a multitude of optional angles, helping to achieve the best outcome for the client.

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