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Our customised drill rigs and support equipment together with our trained and experienced operators ensure high performance drilling and productivity. Speight Drilling have the capabilities to complete drilling projects of all complexities and scales.

dewatering systems that work

Dewatering involves controlling ground water by pumping to locally lower ground water levels in the vicinity of the excavation. In order to construct a building, dewatering has to be done by laying pumps at various junctions. Calculate the rate of flow of water when one pump is laid and compare it with the discharge when the number of pumps is increased. Design of a dewatering system requires the determination of the number, size, spacing, and penetration of wells or well points and the rate at which water must be removed from the pervious strata to achieve the required groundwater lowering or pressure relief.

Speight Drilling have a range of world class portable dewatering pump systems that provide fast, effective results. We can set up complex systems for large scale development, provide systems hire and specialist advice throughout New Zealand.


large scale dewatering

We specialise in large scale dewatering projects for hotel developments and other associated infrastructure. The images below show a dewatering set-up we designed for a large scale development in Wanaka. We can provide you with the right expertise and tools to lower water tables quickly so important foundation construction can continue. Our variety of large and small multi pumps are of the highest quality & technology. We operate both diesel powered and electric powered de-watering pumps. Once set up they continuously work until the desired result is achieved.

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