XZ180 drill header pic v2


XZ180 drill rig                       (track mounted)

All rigs and equipment are manufactured to the highest standards of safety and production, as well as encompassing innovative design to help minimise environmental impact. We select equipment based on its ability to produce the best service, production and sample possible to achieve the right targets for our clients.

The XZ180 Drill Rig is our all purpose diamond drilling rig, mounted on a rubber track unit and includes safety guards and emergency stop buttons. A robust drilling machine which is easy to operate and maintain while working on remote job site.

It has an option of 2 separate mast set ups; a short 2.8 m for more restricted access areas or a standard 5 metre mast.

The rotation torque of the XZ180 drill head has an optional capacity of 38000Nm.


Rig Capabilities;

  • Wireline Coring (Rotary Core)
  • Rotary Wash (2inch - 8inch)
  • NQ, HQ and PQ Drilling & Sampling
  • SPT Sampling (with certified SPT Hammers)
  • Push Tubes (2, 2.5 and 3 inch)
  • Direct Push Sampling
  • Monitoring and/or Vibrating Wire Piezometers
  • Inclinometer
  • Test Pumping
  • Packer Testing (NQ and HQ size)
  • Cementing
  • High Pressure Grout Injection
  • Piling

Depth Capacity Coring (Wire or Conventional);

NQ 350m

HQ 280m

PQ 180m


XZ180 drill v2