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Soakage / Offal Holes

Our customised drill rigs and support equipment together with our trained and experienced operators ensure high performance drilling and productivity. Speight Drilling have the capabilities to complete drilling projects of all complexities and scales.

offal and soak holes

Offal holes are commonly used on farms to dispose of dead stock, home kill waste and rubbish in a hygienic way or as a long -drop. If not buried in an appropriate manner, decomposing carcasses can release disease carrying micro-organisms that pose a health risk to humans and an environmental risk to the surrounding land. Once the offal hole is dug, it will be covered with a concrete reinforced cover to reduce smells and make it safe and dog-proof.


Similar to offal holes, soak holes are mainly used to dispose of stormwater. They were most common before stormwater systems were introduced and still provide a great alternative. Soak holes act as filters by collecting stormwater and safely discharging it back into the surrounding soil which at the same time helps increase ground water levels.


We can supply and install all product, clean out your existing soak hole or utilize your existing offal hole lid. Our Caldwell Rig is built for these specific works. Our highly experienced driller has been servicing the Otago, Southland regions and beyond for many years and can deliver to your needs.



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