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diamond drilling

Our customised drill rigs and support equipment together with our trained and experienced operators ensure high performance drilling and productivity. Speight Drilling have the capabilities to complete drilling projects of all complexities and scales.

high performance drilling

The drilling machines developed for high performance coring in rock have been designed with the operation of diamond bits in mind. The diamond drill rig stands out from other rotary drilling because of its higher rotation speed. A diamond drill will operate at 1000 plus rpm compared to normal rotary drilling of 60-120rpm and down-hole hammer drilling of approximately 5-20 rpm. They can also drill shallow holes and holes at angles, horizontal or upwards

The key technology of the diamond drill is the actual diamond bit itself. It is composed of industrial diamonds set into a soft metallic matrix. Speight Drilling hold a large array of diamond coring bits designed to target specific ground conditions. The team possess vast experience with core recovery, handling and presentation. And we work hard to foresee possible problems in more difficult drilling terrain and plan accordingly.

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