Occupational Health & Safety

Speight Drilling are Impac PREQUAL safety-approved contractors who possess an exceptional record (no serious accidents or lost man hours on site). PREQUAL are backed by Impac Services Ltd - a leading provider of risk and safety management solutions in NZ and offer a comprehensive pan-industry contractor prequalification scheme for clients & contractors.

SD also take part in the ACC discount safety scheme and are active members of Site Safe New Zealand.

We believe in investing in training initiatives, resources and strategies that support both future business growth and enable us to continually excel in all areas of safety. The safety of all personnel is of the utmost importance. SD constantly strive to ensure team members are provided with the appropriate knowledge, skills and tools to complete their work in a safe and competent manner. Through a constant focus on safety and collaboration, we act to ensure every effort is made to achieve "zero harm" to our Employees.

Speight Drilling has a comprehensive health and safety program, which covers drilling operations. We recognise this area as being one which is also on-going, continually requiring development as we move into the future of exploration. It is ever more paramount that safety is a primary goal that helps to organise and drive the routines of drillers and their offsiders in the ever changing climate and at times challenging New Zealand terrain. Our safety standards include practices endorsed by the Health & Safety in Employment Act (HSE), the Employment Relations Act 2000 and ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Audit Standards.

The Environment

Environmental Management is an essential component of all our drilling processes. Speight Drilling work with nature on a daily basis hence it is an essential component of all our drilling practices to ensure our planet is always well taken care off. We work in harmony with our environment whilst still achieving results for our clients.

All of our equipment is purpose built to deliver minimal to zero environmental impact. From the initial design, through painstaking trial and error we invest in the best to deliver the results clients need at minimal cost to the environment.

The Speights' team are committed to ongoing safety and pride themselves in demonstrating an environmentally sensitive work ethic.