Mineral Exploration & Investigation


We have experience ranging from greenfield exploration and investigation to packer testing. Our depth capabilities include PQTT Diamond Core up to 550 metres deep, HQTT Diamond Core up to 950 metres deep and NQTT Diamond Core up to 1300 metres deep. The Speight Drilling Explore 100 Sonic Drill has a theoretical max coring depth of 130 metres.


We have the passion, exceptional level of experience and back-up to perform to a high level of client satisfaction. The best drilling methodologies are implemented, high quality drilling plant and equipment is used and on-going communication with clients is maintained. We understand the special requirements that our clients have in the Mineral Sector.


Speight Drilling owns a large amount of specialist mineral exploration & investigation anciliary equipment listed below minimising outside costs to cilents.

-Reflex Mutli Shot Down Hole Camera

-IPI SWiPS H Single Packer Assembly

-Heliportable Sigra BOP, Choke, Activation Unit & Wireline Stripper

-Heliportable Safety Communication System

-Heliportable 7 man camp Hut and Facilities

Heliportable grout mixers and high pressure pumps

Heliportable Tibban Mud Puppy Separators